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Cryo - Short

Cryo - Short

Title: Cryo
Genre: Science-fiction
Running time: 19 minutes


Director: César Ducasse
Cast: Yannick Soulier, Caroline Bal, Bernard Petit, Marlon Courbin 
Director of Photography: Arthur Leret

Camera Operator: Makhno Antonowicz
Production Designer: Maria Havig-Gjelseth

Assistant director: Yoni Ouaknine
Special effects: Sebastien Imart

Visual effects: Jean-Guy Amariglio
Editor: Mathieu Peteul
Composer: Autechre, Boards of Canada



Have you ever dreamed of Cryogeny? Zeus Company is selling it to you. But is it really safe?... In a world where the deaths do not really die any more, thanks to cryogeny, a man is in search of his kidnapped son.

Norwegian Distributor: Scanbox Entertainment

French distributor: Le Chat qui Fume

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