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Title: Lies Inc.
Genre: Science-fiction
Running time: 67 minutes


Written and directed by: César Ducasse
Produced by: César Ducasse, Bernard Lesoil, Håkon Windsland Slettner
Cast: Ida Marie Bakkerud, Daniel Karlsson, Jan Hårstad, Morten Rudå, Ole-Jørgen Nilsen, Henrik Scheele, Linda Margrethe Lilleøen 
Director of Photography: Hilde Finnseth
Production Designer: Maria Havig-Gjelseth

Assistant director: Mathieu Péteul
Special effects: Per Steinar Hoftun

Visual effects: Jean-Guy Amariglio
Editor: César Ducasse
Sound Designer: Bernard Lesoil & Håkon Windsland Slettner
Composer: Infosphere


Norwegian Distributor: Scanbox Entertainment
Norwegian Theatrical Release: 30 July 2004



Amber city is the last city on earth with a breathable atmosphere. In this climate of fear and paranoia, Isan Epel finds herself trapped by her employers, Schilman's inc, after working in secret for two years. Without any memories of her past, she hides in order to escape from her pursuers, and tries to disclose the content of a mysterious microdisc. The narcotic agent Phil Comb is then hired to find her and the disc. But he is too damaged by the drugs he consumes, and loses more and more contact with reality while he begins to understand the machiavellian conspiration around him. His meeting with Isan is going to reveal to him much more than he could have imagined.

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