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About me


In 2004, I made my debut as a feature film director with the french-norwegian co-production Lies Inc., a science-fiction thriller inspired by american writer Philip K. Dick. I made another music video, Petiatil Cx Htdui, and began working actively as an editor in Norway, for production companies such as Seefood TV (Nissene over skog og hei, På tur med Dag Otto) Concorde TV (Ylvis), Storm Films (Kaptein Sabeltann, Julekongen) and Feelgood.


My second feature film as a director, Dark Souls (Mørke sjeler), was released worldwide in 2011 under the Lionsgate banner. Co-directed with Mathieu Peteul, the film was in competition at the 29th Brussels International Fantastic Films Festival and at the 44th edition of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival. In 2013, I worked as an editor on Dead Shadows, a french science-fiction feature directed by David Cholewa, and I'm currently developping new film projects while still editing norwegian tv shows such as Huskestue and Kompani Lauritzen.

I'm a french editor and director currently living in Oslo, Norway. I graduated from the ESRA film school of Paris in 2001 and created Addict Films, an independent production company which develops and produces feature films, documentaries and music videos. I started my professional career with a Warp Records music video illustrating Aphex Twin’s Milkman song, followed by a short film in 2002, Cryo, that won prices in several international short film festivals.

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